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the curse of a sentimental heart & a skeptical mind




Oh, you small-minded creatures
on your tiny blue planet,
convinced of your singularity,
if only you knew.

By raising my statues
you have praised my names,
Aphrodite, Venus and Thalia
to just name a few.

You made me the epitome of beauty,
never seeing me truly,
as your eyes can only observe
what your mind will allow.

To save yourself from insanity
you needed to perceive something,
so incarnate beauty you chose.

©november child
in response to Photo-Fiction #48
photo via Random_Michelle
This was not only inspired by the above photo but also by an old movie ‘They live’ and two articles I read a while ago, one about an african tribe that has no name for the colour blue and the other one about natives who simply couldn’t perceive the huge sailing vessels of the ancient explorers because it was something completely alien to their world.


in blazing colours
use bold strokes
without discretion,
talk Turner to me
in a painting
of your dreams.

in calm patience
for perfect conditions
then shoot with precision,
talk Adams to me
in a photograph
of your life.

without compunction,
use your soul as a sheet,
mix ink with your tears,
talk Byron to me
in a poem
of your love.

Yet what I will see
are imprints of me,
projecting my hopes
straight onto your world,
for ensnared are we
in the solitude
of our own thoughts.

© november child

in response to: Developing Your Eye – Day 6 – Solitude

photo taken with Canon EOS 7D


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