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the curse of a sentimental heart & a skeptical mind




Wintergreen hedges
(no rotten leaves here, please),
cut precisely into square,
impenetrable walls,
fencing in narrow front yards,
doing no favour to the pricey
whitewashed houses
masquerading as the
epitome of respectability.

Double door garages, witness
to what a man is able to
provide, though red tile roofs have
lost their sheen because
money only goes that far,
multi-paneled windows
keep in the noise of
quarrels which, officially,
never took place.

Unbothered by Saturday’s
car washing and lawn mowing,
freedom beckons not too
far away, in the shape of
a night sky aglow with
the reflection of city lights,
the skyline visible
if you scramble up that hill.

© november child
photo credit: Mark Hadley via Flickr
in response to Mindlovermisery’s Menagerie Wordle #153

Act of Defiance

Scepticism paired with incredulity
is my answer, and resistance is
my reaction to most of your
pieces of wisdom that lack
sound judgement, but are nevertheless
foisted upon everyone within your reach.

All those factoids, and stereotypes
you picked up along the way,
absorbing them, making them
your truths without scrutiny,
passing them on unfiltered,
never wondering, never questioning
the source and its validity.

I am so tired of everyone
making up excuses for you,
eager to protect your fragile ego.
You know, change is possible,
the chance to transform yourself
presents itself every second of every day.
You merely are unwilling.

Being not so bad is simply
not the same as being good.


© november child
photo credit: Bill Collison via flickr

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