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June 2016


A penny for your thoughts,20160630_214124-1

you say

and I cringe.


© november child

photo taken with Samsung Galaxy A7



Go, fight your own demons
and leave me to mine.

I’ve known them for years
so well acquainted.

Monitoring them for so long
anticipating their every move.

Unwilling to be impressed
by their devious strategies.

I wasn’t in the least surprised
by their smart alliance with yours.

So go, fight your own demons
I learned to live with mine.

© november child

Photo credit: todderick42 via



fading, breaks the heart20160627_080502-1

unskilled at releasing,

foul selfishness howls


© november child

photo taken with Samsung Galaxy A7

My Ocean

Come into my ocean
and I will show you…

Waves that will smash you
before you catch them.

Depths that will smother you
before you explore them.

Currents that will drown you
before you escape them.

Bluffs that will break you
before you reach shore.

If you want soft
go play in the pool.

© november child

photo credit: artist unknown

Past to Future

You’re the past to my future,
and it dawns on me
that this life we built
was never a place
you actually dwelt in.

And as I notice you
passing by slowly
crossing the bridge of my present,
I know we were just a park
you took a stroll in.

And while I watch you
disappearing into my past
moving out of sight surely,
I realise we were an opportunity
you merely scratched the surface of.

You’re the past to my future,
small wonder
my world has become
a garden with a high fence
and a house with a locked door.

© november child

photo credit: artist unknown


I am so sure about
switching on my invincibility
carefully double-checking in the mirror
while I finished  my make-up.

I vividly remember
initiating my self-confidence
boosting it with often repeated mantras
when I put on my jeans.

I am certain about
activating my courage
wrapping it around me like a shield
when I tied my shoes.

I would have sworn
that no remark of yours
however thoughtlessly uttered
could leave me feeling stark naked.

© november child

photo credit: Alan Skyy via flickr

Twisted Memory

To make sure I will not forget
I have painted a picture of you in my mind.
Of course over the years
in my thoughts you somehow got
quite a bit taller,
your grin a lot wider,
your hair fairly longer,
your eyes so much harder;
and I have no idea
where that beard came from.

All in all you come across
far more adventurous,
your demeanour more forceful,
your attitude more fierce,
so extremely heroic,
even a bit dangerous;
and I have no idea
where that sword came from.

© november child

artwork by Tyler Ryan

When Worlds Collide

Respect, he said
is what I need.
Trust my lead
and have my back.
Accept me
the way I am.
Appreciate my effort.
Let me know that
I am first on your list.
And sex, he said.

Love, she said
is what I need.
Give me your time
and undivided attention.
Know my needs
without my guidance.
Tell me what you feel.
Let me know that
I am the only one for you.
And making love, she said.


– © november child –

art credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

What It Is

Your clothes
on the floor.
This crumpled heap,
it is not laundry.

Your note
on the refrigerator.
Scribbled in haste,
it is not a grocery list.

My heart
in your hands.

– © november child –

Go Figure

You stab my back
and are shocked
that I’m bleeding?

You throw a pebble in my pond
and are surprised
at the ripples?

Go figure.

– © november child –

photo credit. Brett Jordan via flickr

Construction Time

I quite liked what I saw
but naturally my creativity kicked in
for not a thing exists
that can not be improved.

So I rolled up my sleeves,
cracked my knuckles and got to work,
full attention turned on
accomplishing my master piece.

Unleashing my talents
I excelled at changing inferior styles.
I took much pride in
filing away at offensive shortcomings.

And after applying the last
finishing touches to achieve perfection,
I excitedly stepped back
ready to praise my own genius.

To my dismay you were gone.

– © november child-

Talk Is Cheap

In an endless maze of winding monologues
your words make their way
through inexplicable passages of your mind
confusing me to no end.

In a flashing thunderstorm of screaming rage
your words angrily tear
through my meager defenses
deeply scarring me.

With a sky full of airy promises
your words float
through the empty space of your honesty
containing no substance.

–  © november child-


Your playground is the world
filled with exciting boys’ games.
In fantastical castles
where pompous speeches are held
and countries governed.

In magical kingdoms
where contracts are concluded
and money is made and lost.

On mighty battlegrounds
where cruel wars are fought
and imaginary victories celebrated.

In fabulous tiltyards
where contests are arranged
and countless trophies won.

My playground is my mind
where none of your games matter.

– © november child-

Never Happened

 In the white snow
my footprints disappear,
as if they never existed.

In the colourful autumn leaves
my little path vanishes,
already forgotten.

On the soft pillow
my tears seep away,

In your cold eyes
my love dissolves
as if it never happened.

– © november child-

photocredit: author/source unknown


In a ray of sunlight
that burns through my window
tiny dust motes dance,
never leaving the blazing beam.

And I feel like them,
helplessly trapped in your prison,
dancing to your rhythm,
visible only in your light.

– © november child-

photo credit: ray of sunlight – collideous via flickr


 I so counted on you
to create art of my feelings.
But strangely
I could not feel myself
in your painting.

I so counted on you
to make music of my words.
But unfortunately
I could not hear myself
in your song.

So I stopped feeling
and I stopped speaking.
In the ensuing silence
I perfectly understood
who your song and your painting
were really about.

– © november child-


I saw a swan today,
effortlessly and elegantly
gliding through the water
– King of the Castle.

There he was, showing off
by gracefully spreading his wings,
fully aware of his beauty
– Thief of Hearts.

How he played his breathless audience,
proudly raising his head,
handsomeness masking his aloofness
– Destroyer of Dreams.

I so had to think of you.

– © november child-


photo  credit: original photo by jans canon via flickr

Conspiracy of Two

In our conspiracy of two
I am silent to your faults
and you do not mention mine.

In our plot of ignorance
arguments are kept at a minimum,
adjusted to our preferences.

In our bubble of pain
the threshold is set ever higher
to keep out the truth.

In our ballet of unrequited love
we dance around controversy,
gliding over our irritations.

In our universe of two
we created a black hole of avoidance,
waiting for it to swallow us.

november child

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