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alternate mythology


I am the master of delusion.
I invade your thoughts
spreading fears and insecurities.
I rob you of your sanity
one bit of peace at a time
until chaos is the only certainty.

I am the master of adulteration.
I drench every gesture, every look
with a meaning it does not possess.
I soak every word, every smile
with innuendo and allusion
until even the innocent look like sinners.

I fill your veins with poison
and your stomach with acid.
I am Zelus,
I am the god of jealousy
and I am not finished
until I own you.

©november child
photo credit: artist unknown


Those were the good times
when they observed the night skies
for the gleaming moon chariot,
watching me goad my lovely horses
across the heavens at full speed.

When they secretly hoped to catch me
in a little intermezzo on Mount Latmus
with the beautiful Endymion,
fool he is for choosing his eternal sleep.

With melancholy I remember the times
when a total eclipse of  the moon
was fearfully thought  of as a sign
they had incurred my seething wrath.

Now  they have all sorts of telescopes
and call watching me science,
I curse you, Philolaus, for diminishing
the omnipotence of the gods.

And if only Zeus were not so tame now
involved with other worlds,
and such a stickler for rules,
I would conjure up a little something
to turn your sciences upside down.

© november child
photo credit: Rodrigo Vera via flickr
artwork: Endymion – George Frederic Watts (1817 – 1904)


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