My battalion of strategists
have polled the crap out of you;
and now I know
exactly what you want to see.

I will play hardball,
campaign down and dirty,
and wear the facade that works best,
crowd manipulation is my thing.
I wouldn’t call it acting,
just showing you what you expect.

My team of speech writers
has internalised every survey;
and now I know
exactly what you want to hear.

Every phrase I use,
every word I say, every promise I make
is planned meticulously and
weighed for highest impact.
I wouldn’t call it lying,
just telling you what you hope for.

I gave you what you want
now you give me what I deserve.
Trust me, it’s not much, just your vote
so I can walk the corridors of power
and join the ranks of the big players.

In return you get nothing of course,
this is not some hippie fair trade thing, dude,
this is high level politics.
It was never about the people, silly,
it‘s about me and my own personal fiefdom.

©  november child
photo credit: Billy Wilson via flickr