november child

the curse of a sentimental heart & a skeptical mind




She leaks impatient magic
as she waves away your doubts
with an impetuous gesture
of her delicate hand,
her fast sun burning an additional
hole into your defences.

She sizzles with angry magic
as she punishes your resistance
by putting her hands
on those delicious hips,
her electrical storm travelling
down to the base of your spine.

She sparkles with wilful magic
as she manages to unhinge you
with one of her impish smiles,
her  intensity sending your shy mind
on an outrageous adventure.

And your foolish heart
is giddy with excitement – again.

© november child
photo credit: Baary via deviant art
in response to: Sumyanna writes – Prompt #8


You have cordoned off her heart,
declaring it a crime scene,
while you meticulously search
for verification
that she once loved you.

Without substantial proof
you are unable to elicit a confession,
so you assume that
either the evidence has been
severely tampered with,
or else she has committed
the perfect crime.


© november child
photo credit: Brandon Anderson via flickr




Space breathed its silence
in the aftermath of creation
waiting for Gaia and Hydros to join.
In an explosion of light
ignited by their merging
Ananke and I were born.

Born to be the serpent bond
that holds the universe together,
Ananke protecting the alpha,
myself on the far side
guardian of the omega,
connected but yet far apart.

Apart, I yearn for her
as she yearns for me.
Our obsessions for each other
infecting world after world
as they race forever
towards each other
through the coldness of space.



© november child
photo credits: artists unknown


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