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September Sky

My favourite cold blue sky,
devoid of clouds
and chemtrails,
as if even the ever
busy human has curbed
his disregard for nature,
not daring to soil
the virginal beauty.

Cherishing our star’s
victory as it defies its
shallow angle, and
-in a last uprise-
graces us with the glow
of summer memorised.


© Novemberchild
photo credit: hjl via Flickr



From a golden carpet
of fallen leaves
dark, gnarly silhouettes
reach for a sombre sky.
Devoid of their
majestic summer aspects
their beauty is of the darker kind.

The world seems smaller
as grey clouds gather
like wads of smoke
to form a low dense cover.
Heralds of winter’s approach
they carry the crisp, clean scent of snow.

And in concert with nature
we move at a slower pace,
holding our breath while we wait;
keeping in mind
spring’s promise of
transformation and rebirth.

© november child
photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Autumn Mornings

A subdued morning sun’s
feeble rays
strain to reach
beyond closed eyelids.

Open windows,
forgotten relics
of a displaced summer,
deliver autumn draughts.

Cold settles
on exposed skin
ending the cosy inertia
of relaxed limbs.

Regret sets in
at the approach of
chilly, overcast days and
long winter nights.

 © november child
photo credit: Grant MacDonald via flickr


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