november child

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I still glow in shades of rose and gold
in the aftermath of a gorgeous sunrise
that slowly but surely crept under my skin
while I watched Sol seize control of the day.

And while today I proudly wear my new
daytime skin, tonight as Sol descends
I will shed it in favour of cobalt and flashes of silver
and pay tribute to Mani on her lonely ride.

© november child
photo credit: Aristocrats-hats via Flickr


This is Serious

I try to squeeze eternities
between seconds,
as I watch you get dressed.

I aim at expanding
those intimate moments,
while the dim light sends
shadows dancing across your skin.

Me gustas.


© november child
photo credit: boxography via deviantart

Autumn Mornings

A subdued morning sun’s
feeble rays
strain to reach
beyond closed eyelids.

Open windows,
forgotten relics
of a displaced summer,
deliver autumn draughts.

Cold settles
on exposed skin
ending the cosy inertia
of relaxed limbs.

Regret sets in
at the approach of
chilly, overcast days and
long winter nights.

 © november child
photo credit: Grant MacDonald via flickr


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