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Music Business

I am offended
because my body is
a bit of a moron,
swaying to songs
whose beats, bass lines,
and rhythms,
are calculated to please
in order to sell.

It has become
a traitor,  falling for
half-hearted singsong,
disloyal to
my mind’s ache for
the unusual, the extraordinary,
a melody that will resound
through the ages.

Faced with
shallowness, I long for
sounds that challenge me,
music with an
edge, or a trait
that connects with
the root of my being.


© november child
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in response to The Sunday Whirl Wordle 286


As we fill our cities with
incessant sounds,

our cars with
blaring music,

our homes with
torrents of words

and our minds with
chattering thoughts

we are gliding
on the back of noises,

for when the world falls silent
our fears are bound to set in.

© november child
in response to: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Friday Music Prompt # 54: Sound of Silence, cover by David Draiman and Disturbed
photo credit: taffmeister via

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