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Collecting Tears

What did you do
with her tears?

Did you shrug them off
with the contempt
you reserve for what
you perceive as weakness?

Did they make you
uncomfortable, when
they too clearly pointed to
the issues you are
unwilling to face?

Or did you cherish them,
every tiny drop a trophy
that you collected
as a symbol of the
power you hold over her?


© november child
photo credit: hadia lakhras via The Awesome Daily
The article about the Topography of Tears is fascinating!

On the Edge

Remember all those cute promises
and good intentions?
And yet here we are,
standing on the edge
of a precipice once again.

Counting sleepless nights,
shed tears, and wasted efforts,
only to realise the balance
will never add up.



© november child
photo credit: Black Station via Flickr



I have stored my unshed tears
in my system, unacknowledged,
running them through my veins,
watering down my blood.
I’d rather drown in my own tears
before I let you see me cry.
I do not trust anyone with my frailty.


© november child
photo credit:

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