Up on the bridge he stands,
facing the far away coastline
countering the rolling sea
with a wide footed stance.
And he revels in the rush
the sun, wind and sea always bring.

He watches the barge
spin along in roiling waters
and considers her value
with a satisfied smile.
She’s a wisp of a lady
compared to a schooner,
no elegant beauty catches his eye.

Yet he chose her, filtered her out
from among those other coasters,
she stood out like a shark’s fin
among playful dolphins,
with the speed, fine lines
and sturdy construction she displays.

Her holds are filled to the brim
with grain, oils and spices and
she shoulders the weight with ease.
He will soon own her,
hold her under lock and key,
a fine asset she will be.

Pulling up alongside the little lady
he observes his men
as they throw the grappling hooks,
sun reflecting on drawn blades
and above him the Jolly Roger
billows in the salty wind.


photo credit: Kevin Boyd via Flickr
in response to: Value
and The Sunday Whirl Wordle #268