I try to follow
the lines of this anecdoche,
this conversational farce,
as it fidgets and stumbles
over its own damaged structure

careening all over the place
it lingers over meaning
for mere seconds only
like a damselfly
hovering over a skiff

the musician in me
is enchanted by
the protruding and ebbing
of  weirdly jumbled sounds,
backlit by a constant buzz

the pragmatist in me
turns bitter with resentment
at the resonance of chaos,
impeding linear thought
and orderly communication

amidst linguistic tangles
I flirt with the thought
of  instant transmigration
into the body of said damselfly
fluttering over tranquil waters,
not bothered by any of this

In response to mindlovemisery’s Wordle #119 ‘July 25th, 2016’

Keywords: Damage /Backlit/ Resonance/ Bitter /Fidget /Skiff /Protrude /Anecdoche Damselfly /Transmigration /Careen

 © november child
photo credit: Mark Ireland via flickr